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There is a bridge we as humans have with the elements and animal totem spirits who we can call on for support, for inspiration, for power and remembrance from where we came from. Through this art exhibit we hope to visually capture that awareness which lies hidden underneath the surface.  

The subject matters for each portrait are various members of the community. We hope to honor their unique gifts, works, talents and medicine which they offer to the world. Sometimes the work of those that dedicate their lives to service may sometimes go unnoticed or unseen. Through this project we can honor the ‘Connections' of the unseen supernatural world which serves as a catalyst to guide us towards our true work, encouraging each of us to continue along our unique path.

This project has been a collective work inspired by Producer Isis Indriya and Artist/Graphic Designer Magick Monica. The photographs were shot by Jack Pasco.

The Connections exhibition will be opening between 8pm-10pm on Wednesday 20th April and there will be a exhibition closing on Sunday 24th from 9pm to 10pm, which will include a talk and live performance. The exhibit will be up for the whole period of the Symposium while other events happen in the space.  

All the art in the Connections Exhibition is available to buy from The Haven in their original form and as prints over the period of the Symposium.


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